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Current Position

The farm has been owned by the Benson family for 42 years and has slowly grown into what is now a vibrant, popular business employing over 20 people, For 5 years we have seen the potential to expand Applegarth to include a range of new services which will greatly benefit many people. The scheme will provide a range of employment opportunities as well as a nurturing environment for small business.  We have no intention of changing what we have created over the last decade. Applegarth has a very special ambience and  we are simply going to  enhance this with a range of additional offerings. We are extremely well placed to deliver on every part of this business plan with considerable experience in various sectors that this plan encompasses.


 Planning Permission approved

The plans that you see below were approved by the local council  and are in 'outline' form. This means that there is scope for changing the format of the site and that is what we are currently doing. We have had a long time to consider the original plans and see scope for a range of new ideas- it's immensely exciting, 

 The reason we have had to wait for a year to this point is that the plans are linked to another application for an 80 house residential So, with that near completion we have now instigated architects to take this outline application to a full one.


The Original plan was as below and in 'outline' form. The new one, a detailed planning application is expected to be submitted in February 2020 will be somewhat different, developing various opportunities over and above what we established 4 years ago.


Food in all it's glory

From Grain to Gastronome'

produced by us

The Vision

There are multiple elements to the new scheme which can be seen above.  There will be a range of new builds to accomodate the following  to Applegarth:

There is huge potential for an artisan food hall drawing upon produce from the market garden, foods produced in our kitchens and other artisan produce. We are also looking to rent out areas of the food hall to exceptional purveyors of food. The  end result being a stunning location where a customer can purchase a wide range of produce safe in the knowledge that it will be of the highest quality, made either on site or by an artisan producer using exceptional produce. 

We need a larger restaurant! Our current 70 cover restaurant regularly turns people away and has the potential for so much more.  The newly built restaurant will accomodate 100  people, a private dining area for 30, a chef's table showcasing chef's bought in from London for the cookery school and a new relaxed bar area. Applegarth will also include ‘dining pods’ where diners can eat outside in the market garden for that all encompassing experience.

With the continuing popularity of television programs based around cooking Applegarth aims to capitalise on the lack of facilities in the area with an exceptional new cookery school. With lessons delivered by a range of specialist chefs, students will be able to take lessons from basic knife skills to charcuterie production  to Asian cuisine. We are looking at providing both light-hearted 'experiential' group events as well as more established structured lessons. 

The powerhouse of the whole site, a Leaf of Faith's produce will be integrated into every part   business.  We are trialling a number of techniques in producing food in a closed greenhouse, directly between both the food hall and the restaurant. Aeroponic growing in urban environments is seeing massive growth around the world and is a hugely sustainable form of agriculture.

Our current model of producing foods sees huge wastage, produces massive amounts of carbon both in it's production and its transportation and is wholly unsustainable.  Rainforests are being ripped down, the climate is being decimated and our supply chains will become consistently more inconsistent. 

Aeroponic production  uses 5% of the water normal agriculture does, increases the growth rate and amount that can be grown and places the growing in the heart of communities that eat the food.  It is almost akin to going back to how it used to be produced when people lived in small villages and lots was grown by its inhabitants. 

We will grow stunning, heritage, difficult to find foods for both the food hall and the restaurant as well as providing educational tours  and lessons in how to grow this way.

We see a beautiful symbiosis between the more modern techniques of A leaf of Faith and the more traditional outdoor techniques of a Victorian market garden. The market garden will be producing an abundant array of root crops, fruits and top fruit trees. Crops will be planned out with the kitchen taking control of the schedule  so all produce is grown and then either sold in the shop or turned into a dish in the restaurant. Albeit the growing conditions are very sandy, we will create a range of raised beds, an orchard

Learn how to create the perfect compost,  prune an apple trees in your garden or grow your own foods using an aeroponic system. Applegarth will provide a range of  lessons for a year round understanding of how to maintain your garden, be it indoors or outdoors. Both the growing and cookery school will be highly symbiotic in nature and will provide lessons  such as 'seed to fork' where clients will learn how to get the most out of their own backyard market garden 

Applegarth is looking to incorporate its existing cabin village with a  permanent building as well as  5 new nordic cabins.  This will accomodate a range of new small artisan businesses. The development aims to  provide them with both workshop space to produce from as well as retail space to sell from. A unique facility where Applegarth takes care of  selling their products and provides a range of services such as a centralised ecommerce platform and delivery vehicle. The facility will be of great value to small artisan producers and will provide Applegarth with another unique destination factor.

To include a fine food cafe area with newspapers, exceptional barista coffee and delicious Applegarth quality food- the play barn seeks to deliver a place you would be happy to meet up and have lunch in with or without the kids.

This isn't softplay. We are looking at creating a space for children to role play elements of  the entire food chain. So there will be a farming room, a fishing room, a chefing kitchen- you get the picture. 

Family owned and run

for 39 years

we are obsessive about food!


Current Position- Blog 


After a number of unexpected situations pushed our timelines back, we are now progressing the architects plans for the site. We have refined and developed a range of new additions to the site, ones which will bring us to the forefront of a number of new areas. Watch this space, the planning application submission is looking at February 2020.


Thanks for taking the time to read this.





We need your feedback to help us shape this concept 

If you would like to read more, register with the site which will give you full access. Some of these ideas are unique and we'd like to know who's reading them!

We are always looking for new, innovative ideas that could be integrated into this concept. We are currently at outline position with our planning permission which means we have plenty of scope for adding new and interesting ideas. Please, any thoughts about how we could enhance this concept let us know- we want it to be truly exceptional, innovative and unique and are happy to take any advice, be it small or large.

This project has tremendous potential and we are looking for partners to join us in it's execution. We will be operating a number of areas ourselves but also renting out parts of the site. We are looking for like minded individuals/companies, who share our ethos and have experience in the various areas we are looking at.

Also, if you are a small artisan producer and like what you see, get in touch and we will see how well you would fit in our cabin village.  


William Benson, Applegarth Farm, Headley Road, Grayshott Hants, GU266jl 

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