The Economic application and all the ancillary benefits that will come from it are going to cost in the region of £3.5m to build. We have organically invested in our site over the last 10 years but to move it up to the next level and make it into something truly exceptional we need a considerable sum to do this. We have been custodians of this site fo 38 years and are not willing to jeopardise another 38 years by trying to leverage up and borrow the money. This would not be possible anyway. When we were presented with a way that we could realise the plans that have been worked on since 2010 we had to make a big call. Were we ever going to be able to get the farm back to the point were it was a farm again and if not what were we to do with the land? Applegarth is 31 acres. It has truly poor soil and we gave up trying to grow on it 20 years ago. When we did grow, it required huge amounts of organic matter to be bought in from various local farms just to make the soil good enough to grow in (the soil is very sandy with a very thin layer of top soil) However, we have tried 3 times in the last decade to bring it back. We put the farm into organic status for four years and tried to get it moving as a farm back in 2006. We invested a large sum into rabbit/deer proofing, 

We have gone to great pains to find the best partner we can to realise the residential development at Applegarth. Welbeck Land are renowned within the industry for working closely with the local community as can be seen by their desire to involve Grayshott at an early stage within the development process. 


Our Application for Applegarth Vale is currently registered with East Hampshire District Council. We would sincerely appreciate your help with the application, it is the thing that will allow all of these plans to move forward. You can find the application if You click here 


All questions for the residential site are for Wellbeck to answer as they are experts in these fields. Please direct all questions relating to:

Ecology  -   Highways & Parking  -  Design & development  -  Planning Policy  -  Master Planning