Green & open spaces 

Applegarth is setting aside 11 acres of land too create a beautiful natural location.  

Increased wildlife.


Currently Applegarth has very little wildlife on it's closely mown pasture land. All of the studies that have been done show little of much value to the local ecology. 

With the provision of 12 acres of land set aside as a way of balancing any impact additional housing would have on Ludshott Common, we intend to create a lovely tranquil area bursting with wildlife. This is almost three times the amount of land that we actually 'needed' to give, simply due to wanting to give something really special to Grayshott. In fact, the studies have show that even with additional housing, we will actually be reducing the amount of people going to Ludshott Common due to what we are going to create and it being open to everyone. 


The actual plan for the Open Spaces area will be drawn up after consultations with Grayshott and what it wants to see.



Outdoor Gym.


In keeping with our philosophy of  healthy living, we would like to create an outdoor gym facility, available for all to use. This will house a number of pieces of equipment all specifically designed to live outdoors. 

Sited next to the 12 acres of open spaces, it will fit in with a proposed running track, therefore allowing all aspects of fitness to be covered.

We are actively approaching local fitness providers to lead outside workshops and classes in various mediums such as Tai Chi and fitness boot camps.