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By 2050 the UN has stated that we won't be able to feed the world population using existing methods.

Climate change and the ensuing unpredictability of growing conditions has the potential to seriously impact the food that we rely on.


Rainforests are being ripped down and burnt so that we can grow more soya, palm oil and beef, speeding up the damage and making conditions worse. None of these are sustainable - we need a new way of working when it comes to food production...


This needs to end

We need a food revolution, like it used to be, where foods were grown right on your doorstep, often by your neighbour and was amazingly fresh and tasty.

There is a growing movement producing foods in urban environments, right next to the people that need it.


This is what we're doing but bringing a bit of technology in to help.

Immensely fresh, nutritious foods, harvested and sold still living

Did you know:  your average salad has 1050 carbon miles to get to your plate. It is 8-10 days old and has lost 55% of its nutritional value and subsequent taste. 

Aeroponic horticulture is a relatively new technique in horticulture, having been established properly about 8 years ago. It has the potential to revolutionise small scale production of foods in both urban and rural environments. 

How it works is simple:

  • A seed is planted in a material that allows it to grow roots. We have a certified organic material for this. A natural bi-product of the food industry, it's totally natural.

  • As the seed grows, the seedlings roots are constantly misted with an organic liquid nutrient, like a watered down version of what you'd use on the garden. Totally natural and again, we are using a certified organic liquid nutrient. 

  • When the roots are strong enough, the seedling is transported from our aeroponic propagator to our aeroponic towers. This allows us to produce a very substantial amount of plants in limited space- 950% more than in the ground. 

  • The towers use only 5% of the water that large scale agriculture would use plus ours will be filtered rainwater. The liquid nutrient constantly circulates, rather than dissipating into the soil.

  • Produce will be harvested and sold with roots on, keeping them incredibly fresh and still growing when you buy them. We will harvest to order and all areas of the business will take produce. 

  • No pesticides, herbicides or other nasties will be used in production. 

  • Recycled waste heat from the Food hall will be used for sustaining the correct temperature

  • Solar PV and a micro wind turbine will power 42% of production. Any other power requirements will come from companies generating from sustainable sources.

A broad range of delicious Fruit, Veg, salads and microherbs to buy or eat

Microherbs- chef's love them, for their colour and subtle taste. They are immensely healthy packing up to 40 times the vitamin and antioxidants than matured leaves. We will be producing ten different varieties with the ability to sell small quantities, still growing for the home chef as well. These will be  be sold in the food hall, restaurant and other parts of the site. 

Lettuce - immensely well suited to aeroponic growing, we can grow pretty much every salad type from a punchy watercress to a lolo rosso. The lettuce is harvested by simply pulling straight out of the grow space with it's roots still on and is still living when you take it home and eat it. Infact we are looking at the idea of a pick your own consideration, albeit indoors!

Salads & tomotoes - On top of pretty much every different type of lettuce we can also grow a good range of other produce like celery, fennel, spring onion, cucumbers  and cherry tomatoes. 

Brassicas and beets- Pak choi does immensely well in the towers, in fact the image at the top is from a stunning purple variety we grew. Alongside this, the chard family, spinach, kale broccoli and other similar varieties do very well in this environment

Fruits- Albeit aeroponics is relatively limited in producing fruit, it does an amazing job with strawberries and other small plant varieties. We are currently trialing cucumelons for their impeccable Gin and tonic credentials- a cross between cucumber and lime!

We are currently trialling a whole raft of different produce and as you can see by the very handsome pak choi, we are having great success. We would love to discuss the opportunities and benefits of growing in this way with anyone, please get in contact.   

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