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By 2050 the UN has stated that we won't be able to feed the world population using existing methods

Climate change and global warming are already significantly affecting the duration and quality of the growing season, negatively impacting efficiencies in food production as well as its quality worldwide. 

Covid 19 has proven that the UK supply chains are dangerously  dependent on foreign imports. Brexit is likely to increase the cost of the produce we buy in. Rainforests are being ripped down and burnt so that we can grow more soya, palm oil and beef, speeding up the damage and making conditions worse.  

This needs to end...

We need a new sustainable way of working when it comes to food production... We need a food revolution, where foods are grown as close to where they are consumed as possible. Just like the good old days.


There is a growing movement producing foods in urban environments, right next to the people that need it. This is what we're doing but bringing a bit of technology in to help.

Business Snapshot

What is it:  

  • 6,100 sq ft Greenhouse


What will it produce:

  • 80+ different crop types on a scale that will supply all areas of the business including the Food Hall & Restaurant 



  • 4 full-time, 3 part-time


Education & Agri-Tourism:  

  • Lessons in aeroponic growing, micro herb production, other types of hydroponic & hyperlocal horticulture

True Garden Vertical Farm Aeroponic Hydr

Truegardens'  6,000 sq ft Greenhouse in Arizona is the pinnacle of agricultural innovation. The gentle trickle of water feeding the lush plant-life that tumbles from the towers & the cool fresh air that this environment naturally creates. It's the future of sustainable farming and an oasis of calm.  


As partners of Truegarden, Applegarth will not only replicate this framework by creating their very own Aeroponic Greenhouse but will also scale the project throughout the UK and beyond – launching their own international expansion.

Visitors to Applegarth last summer may well have noticed the ten aeroponic towers residing at the bottom of the garden and even have tasted the incredible produce that were harvested. The new purpose built Greenhouse will allow Applegarth to accommodate 30+ towers and increase yield exponentially.  

The heart of the vision is to deeply integrate this symbiotic production within the Restaurant, Food Hall and throughout all areas of the business. It is all one building and the model starts with a seed being planted instead of purchasing the end product. The seed will inform everything Applegarth do.


Think, picking your own live roots on lettuce directly from a tower in the fruit & veg section and taking it home to make into an immensely fresh salad, Or watching a chef pluck strawberries directly from a tower, in the open plan kitchen right in front of you. 

6,000 sq ft Aeroponic Greenhouse