A 130 cover

Full Service Restaurant

Serving delicious food


Current Situation

Our currrent 70 cover restaurant served 41,200 people in 2019 (Covid-19 means our 2020 figures are not representative). That's 29,675 cups of coffee, 8615 breakfasts and 16,528 evening dinners.

We regularly have to turn people away due to capacity. We generally receive excellent feedback about our offering (click here for Tripadvisor) and have a very low turnover of staff. We currently employ 21 people and are highly proactive in putting our staff through training programs, be it NVQ qualifications or cocktail courses.  

Our kitchen is 65 sq metres housed in what is, in all reality, an old agricultural building. Our chef's are talented, keen and capable, although a little curtailed in what they can produce. Every year we put on new and innovative events and are constantly looking to  push what we do.

With an increased capacity this will  allow for a forward thinking & innovative location producing a broader range of fine foods.

The potential for expansion is considerable. We have seen an increase in turnover of 20% year on year for the last 5 years and this needs to continue. There is only so much that we can do to increase this figure in the current capacity we find ourselves.

What is it:  

7,000 sq, 100 cover internal capacity.

25 person private dining room within Greenhouse.

10 person chef's table.

40 person outside dining.

What will it produce:

Breakfast- Dinner dining.


7 full time, 8 part time. 



Lessons from our chefs in the cookery school. 

Business Snapshot

Freshly cooked foods 

Breakfast to Evening dinner

7 days a week


The Restaurant Vision

The potential for Applegarth is enormous. We will be drawing upon 10 years of food service experience in the local market with a strong, profitable expanding business. We have the key skillset needed to expand the offering into a unique restaurant facility offering different types of food for different customers. We will be providing a lighter lunch area next to the Food Hall drawing upon foods from the street food delicatessen, bakery and cheese counter. We will create another facility for the mothers, grandparents and children in the kids play barn. The main restaurant will  be focused on providing a more rounded restaurant experience drawing upon the market Garden for fresh produce & Food Hall for meats and ingredients. It's ethos will be local on site sourcing and marketing will back this up. 

The Main Restaurant

100 cover restaurant area

To accommodate a full range of foods from breakfast, lunch and dinner. We are looking to further our already excellent reputation when it comes to the quality and style of food and allow for a slight increase in the diversity we produce. With other areas of the site taking care of the lighter bite types of food, our main kitchen will be able to provide some more interesting types of food, all of which home prepared. We have built our reputation on an unpretentious environment with interesting food and great service. This will continue and the decor will reflect this.

Applegarth has an incredibly well loved ambience all born from staff who genuinely care and food that excels. This is exactly how it will continue but this time we won't be having to plug holes in the roof and stop the fuse box continually blowing!

The interior will be designed to further the intimate feeling within the existing restaurant. Little cubby holes with quiet tables coupled with larger long tables for families.

We intend to bottle up the essence of existing Applegarth and sprinkle it over a new iteration

Full Service Bar

We will provide a bar area that we can seat guests at, both prior to dinner for a warm up cocktail and post as an after dinner aperitif.  It will serve a full range of drinks and allow for a better experience for the customer as well as helping the food service to be managed better.

Private dining room with an Aeroponic backdrop

Imagine a private dining room that was surrounded by 2.5m towers of greens on every side. Being able to open up the concertina french windows and be engulfed by the smell of a wall of Thai basil and the burble of water.   

At night the towers will be backlit to produce an amazing spectacle, ripe for a very special dinner, supper club or event. The smell, ambience and uniqueness of the space will create an amazing space.

Or book a demonstration where  a chef pick ingredients from a tower and showcase how to produce a dish.

The private dining room will double as a space to demonstrate the strengths of growing aeroponically and put on courses and demonstrations on cooking using the ingredients in the background.

Fully serviced

 outside dining pods

for a unique dining experience 


Chefs Table

So, we've got all of these amazing chefs coming down to teach a variety of different lessons in the cookery school so why not book them to cook for you and a few friends that evening.  You will be able to go online, see what chef's are going to be available that week and then book them to provide you with a three course meal, right in front of you. Essentially like having a dinner party in your own home with an amazing chef and no washing up, amazing!

It will bring a plethora of different types of food into the restaurant to create a unique  offering. Love coming to Applegarth but fancy some Sushi, so book the sushi chef to produce you a stunning meal. Can't find anywhere in the area producing authentic Indonesian food, you will shortly!

The Chefs table will utilise this wealth of talent to provide a unique colaboration between the restaurant and the cookery school, something we have not seen being done before.


 Applegarth Farm, Headley Road, Grayshott Hants, GU266jl 

Applegarth Farm contact: 01428 712777. hungry@applegarthfarm.co.uk

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