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The Present Kitchen Garden Restaurant

Having built an excellent reputation for its food & service over the years, Applegarth regularly reaches full capacity during peak trading times. In fact, the 70 cover restaurant has seen a 20% increase in turnover YoY for a 6 year period (excluding during the Covid pandemic).


At the same time, the restaurant industry is notorious for being competitive, risky & low-margin and there is only so much they can do to continue to scale the restaurant in its current capacity. One of the greatest keys to their future success will be to maintain flawless standards & consistency, while simultaneously being innovative and cutting-edge. 

Applegarth's current 65 square metre kitchen resides in what is an old agricultural building. The team of chef's are incredibly talented when it comes to food production & creating unique experiences that will wow every guest. They are passionate about provenance & capable of producing consistently flawless standards. They just need the right space to leverage & expand these skills to achieve real sustainable growth.  

Employee retention is good too – offering the current (21 pax) workforce excellent opportunities to progress through the business through various support & training programs, such as NVQ & WSET qualifications.  

What is it:  

  • 7,000 sq, 100 cover internal capacity

  • 25 person private dining room within Greenhouse

  • 10 person chef's table

  • 40 person outside dining


What will it produce:

  • All-day dining


  • 7 full time, 8 part time


  • Lessons from our chefs in the cookery school

Business Snapshot

Chef Salad



The Future is Garden to Gastronome

The term 'food transparency' holds more meaning than it has in recent years. Instead of simply sharing the name of the local producer or supplier, consumers are interested in a transparency message that goes beyond this. With over 10 years of food service experience and with a strong eco-centred, clean eating approach to food production, Applegarth have the tools & skillset to create an innovative restaurant facility that will meet the growing demands of the conscious consumer.


A Sustainable Kitchen

Great chefs need a great space to research, develop new techniques, create, practice, innovate & grow. With the Food Hall complimenting their overall food production (offering guests lighter bite snacks & quick lunch options) the main restaurant kitchen will have the time and environment to realise their potential.


Applegarth understand that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to menu creation, and would love nothing more than to engage even further with their longtime partners to create more exciting, more inclusive menus that will bring something totally new to the consumer table, without losing sight of what makes them unique. Every step will be taken to achieve greater sustainability within their kitchen areas too: from better food waste management to packaging, energy & more. 

The Applegarth kitchen team have a well rounded culinary skillset and are experts in plant-based, allergen-friendly cooking – well supported by an extensive network of local sustainable partners & suppliers. Just call them the 'wellness warriors of the industry' – they will utilise the functional ingredients that are naturally present in the foods they grow to create dishes that will heal from the inside out. 

100+ Cover Restaurant for All-Day Dining

Applegarth has a warm ambience and excellent reputation when it comes to food creativity, consistency & customer satisfaction. All thanks to an excellent team who genuinely love what they do. This will not change . So what will?

With an all-day dining concept to take the consumer from breakfast through to supper and by creating the ultimate relaxing, warm & welcoming environment to experience the food & drink offer – Applegarth intend to bottle all that their loyal followers love about the existing setting and sprinkle it over a new iteration. The interior will be designed to further the cool-cozy vibe within the existing restaurant. Little cubby holes with quiet tables coupled with larger long tables for larger gatherings.

The light lunch area next to the Food Hall will draw upon foods from the Street Food Delicatessen, Bakery & Artisan Cheese Counter. The main restaurant will  be focused on providing a more traditional dining experience throughout the day. Its dishes will bridge the gap between farm to table, drawing upon the Aeroponic Greenhouse and seasonal Market Garden for fresh produce & Food Hall for its meat, dairy, bakery goods and other artisan ingredients. 

The Botanical Bar

Walk-in guest, waiting for a table? Grab a seat in the spacious cosy bar area for a pre-supper drink (or post-supper aperitif).  With a comprehensive, modern drinks offer inspired by their Kitchen Garden and a team of skilled bartenders on hand, it will be the perfect place to unwind while your table is prepared. From a business perspective, it will greatly assist Applegarth with the flow of food service too. 

Preparing Cocktails
Exotic Drink
Drinking Wine

Private Dining with an Aeroponic View

Picture this. A traditional private dining room with a modern twist. A wall of 2.5 metre high Tower Gardens with tumbling greenery nestled behind floor to ceiling French windows that, when opened, subtly infuse the room with the warm fragrant smell of Thai Basil. Background music? How about the gentle trickle of water.   


Back-lit by night to heighten the towers' impact, this will be the go-to green venue for the most special celebrations & events. As a multi-functioning space, it will also be used to demonstrate to guests how to grow and cook using aeroponic produce with resident chefs pulling ingredients from a tower to transform into a meal with an audience, in realtime.

Friends Eating Dinner
Restaurant Vibes
Drinking Wine
Eating a Meal



The Chefs Table

The Chef’s Table at Applegarth will be an exhilarating gastronomic experience in the heart of their Artisan School. 

Transforming by night, into an intimate private dining table and entertaining space, guests will be treated to front-row seats as they watch the most incredible culinary experts at work. With a mix of resident & award-winning guest chefs ready to delight and divulge the secrets of the kitchen, guests can look forward to a once in a lifetime, one-of-a-kind experience amongst friends. 

The event begins at the initial booking, with a dedicated events team on hand to orchestrate the perfect experience. This is dining with a sense of drama – and Applegarth will make sure every detail is fully rehearsed and note perfect.

Furthermore, The Chef's Table will introduce a plethora of experimental types of food to the restaurant to create a truly unique  offering. Love coming to Applegarth but fancy some Sushi, so book the sushi chef to produce you a stunning meal. Can't find anywhere in the area producing authentic Indonesian food, you will shortly!

Sustainability Commitment 

Applegarth will ensure every step is taken to achieve greater sustainability within the kitchen areas: from better food waste management to packaging, energy & more...

  • Surrounded by trees & farmland, Applegarth will tap into energy systems to help keep the restaurant warm in winter and cool in the summer

  • None of this will be hidden away or kept secret. Guests can experience it all with the surrounding Greenhouse, Market Garden & all areas of the business clearly visible

  • The Applegarth kitchen team have a well rounded culinary skillset and are experts in plant-based, allergen-friendly cooking

  • Applegarth are well supported by an extensive network of local sustainable partners & suppliers 

  • Dishes will utilise the functional ingredients that are naturally present in the foods they grow - they will heal from the inside out

  • Applegarth are 100% committed to sustainable food movement and will look to become members of the Sustainable Restaurant Association (SRA) accreditation in due course

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