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Handmade Pottery



The Existing Cabins

Applegarth has been home to a number of award winning small businesses over the last few years. They have operated out of  4 nordic cabins giving them a cost effective facility to grow from. Currently, they work independently of each other, selling to the public using their own sales facilities and marketing initiatives. The cabins provide just enough space to allow them to operate but there is the potential to do so much more.


The Village Vision

The new Artisan Village will connect its visitors with a unique range of local artisan producers & their products. For the retailers, it will offer a supportive & like-minded centralised facility to produce and sell from, giving them access to Applegarth's customer base. It will also allow them to be away from site selling at fairs, farmers markets etc.
The Village will consist of 5 separate highly sustainable cabins that will sit opposite the main building. They will contain both workshop production space and additional retail space to showcase the tenants products. 
The cabins will be stand alone and be weather-resistant with a covered walkway, more towards producers that are mainly production selling their products at other locations.

What is it:  

  • 6 cabins, fitted out for a small producer to work and retail out of


  • 5 full time 3 part time


Types of businesses:

  • Artisan craft producers

  • Food producers

  • Florists

  • Other small producers with symbiotic principles

Business Snapshot

Creative Store



Are you small producer and interested in realising your potential? 
Tap into Applegarth's knowledge and expertise
Applegarth will help you grow

Applegarth has considerable experience in working with small artisan producers and is in the position to help.  There are many reasons that deter a small producer from taking the leap to move their business to the next level, these are some.


  • Lack of support network/resources and information

  • High start up costs for rental of premises on the high street

  • Not competitive against the larger companies

  • Lack of experience in business

  • Finding the courage to take the leap if inexperienced

  • High staffing costs

  • Massive commitment for themselves and families.

  • Expensive website set up costs

  • Lack buying/bargaining power with suppliers /couriers


As you can see, there are many problems encountered by small producers. This is not traders we are looking at as purchasing in goods and selling them on is very different. You will see how Applegarth can help.


Taking a location at Applegarth will be more than renting premises. It will put the producer in a strong, similar minded community where small businesses help each other succeed in what they do. There are strength in numbers! and cabin's will be rented to producers/retailers who will fit in with the overall offering at Applegarth.


The Cabin Village will help to ease these issues and provide facilities so that they can do what they do well:

  • Centralised e-commerce site which all residents can sell from. Reduced rates with couriers due to increased volume

  • A Delivery vehicle which can be booked for localised customer deliveries

  • A pooled workforce which can be booked by producers  to look after their cabins when they are at fairs or have other commitments.

  • The ability to rent a part of an area so that the entire sales process is taken care off for them

  • Being part of an encouraging, supportive, like-minded community where knowledge & ideas are shared

  • Existing customer base who appreciate locally produced hand made produce



Sustainability Commitment 

  • All the cabins will be powered by renewable energy

  • Applegarth strongly support small local artisan businesses with the same eco-centred values 

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