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VP2 - Eco Pod Habitat - Final



The Eco-cabins Vision

Applegarth's entire DNA revolves around learning, food and wellness. Be it how to use the latest aeroponic techniques in agriculture or how to  produce the finest pavlova, we aim to attract people from all over the country. We need to provide accommodation for people wanting to be part of this.  Education is a strong part of why someone would want to come to Applegarth but we also want to provide a location that a family can come and relax and regroup. 
The accommodation that we intend to provide will be finished to a high standard and feel like a home from home. It has also been designed to blend into the environment with a considerable amount of tree planting around it, along with raised beds vegetable next to each plot. 

The eco-pod structures are highly energy efficient meaning further demonstrating a commitment to ethical, responsible and sustainable practices.


What is it:  

  • 1.9 acres to include 


What will it produce:

  • Low impact, carbon neutral accommodation 



  • 2 full time, 2 part time

Education & agri-tourism:  

  • Lessons in Aeroponic & organic outdoor growing. wellness for you and your family. Wim Hoff cold therapy infrastructure inc plunge pool & sauna.  

Business Snapshot

VP1 - Access Point & Welcome Area - Fina



The Site

The site will include 12 cabins all sited on ground screws allowing for each plot to have as little impact on the area as possible.  They will include:

  • A wood pellet fired hot tub

  • A raised bed market garden & aeroponic herb garden

  • An area to produce food, using the above..

  • Outside decking area

  • Wim Hoff Cold therapy infrastructure to include plunge pool, ice baths and sauna. 

Wellness Cabins

These beautiful cabins blend discreetly into the environment with their wood shingle clad exteriors. Their interiors are stunning in both their low key, relaxed feel and modern convenience, a home from home. They come with all the convenience you could want in your own home but when you enter them you know that you are on holiday, somewhere special.  

Coming in both 2 bed and 4, they are the perfect getaway for both families and couples wanting to get away and learn how to grow. 

They all come with their own hot tub and some, their own cooking facilities. They will each have their own raised bed of fruit and vegetables to tend and Tower garden's to pull salad from. Children will be shown how to plant their own seeds, pull a carrot out of the ground and then learn to cook it up.

It will be about wellness in every sense - learning to eat well, reconnect with your loved ones and reconnect with yourself.

This will require a site that embodies exactly that. 


Relax and recuperate

Enjoy time out

at Applegarth




Wim Hof therapy

Wim Hoff has spent many years advocating a combination of both deep breathing and cold therapy as a way of fighting the onset of many auto immune diseases. The techniques are powerful and have been proven in numerous medical studies to help counter both physical and mental issues. 

Our site will include all the infrastructure needed to either continue your Wim Hoff routine or learn how to benefit with guided lessons.

For example, we will provide a nordic sauna as part of the infrastructure  and outside will be purpose built barrels.

Ice will be provided year round, to bring the barrels down to temperature. 

Sustainability Commitment 

Applegarth are committed to creating employment for the local community and restoring wildlife habitats. This next phase will see them plant over 300 trees within the site. 


Minimising the need for carbon producing energy in every way, the business will employ multiple techniques across the site:

  • Ground source heat pumps & wood pellet stoves (which produce no smoke) will generate the cabins heating requirements

  • Lighting & electricity will be generated by solar PV & battery technology

  •  All cabins will be fitted with compostable toilets – a new form of waste disposal that produces sterilised compost for the trees on the site

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