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The Current Cookery School

The current Cookery School has a limited capacity of 8 pax and with a lack of similar facilities in the area, there is huge potential to expand upon the existing offer.

Will an increasing awareness and need for everyone to reduce their footprint through food, this will sit at the very essence of the future-thinking Artisan Cookery School. This means advocating and embracing initiatives like renewable energy, homegrown food production, local and sustainably sourced produce, plastic-free, zero waste, water efficiency, recycling and more.  Applegarth need the space & tools to achieve this.


The Artisan School Vision

Exceptionally well placed to deliver drawing upon the various elements onsite - the Applegarth Cookery School will be exceptional.

Applegarth are looking to combine two different elements, both  structured courses  and light hearted workshops to create a unique type of facility. We are looking to outsource much of the teaching to experts in their field and create a range of courses covering many fields.

Interested in making cheese or charcuterie or learning how to butcher a chicken properly, our food hall partners have that covered.  Looking to learn patisserie or how to create the perfect hollandaise, our restaurant head chef has that in the bag. After a multi day course learning how to cooking the finest Indian or exceptional Thai, our partner restaurants will help you there.

Or are you just after a glass of wine with friends while you make ravioli from scratch before sitting down in the restaurant and eating it (with another glass of wine of course).


Applegarth want to make learning fun, so that guests come away having made new friends and learnt something truly useful along the way.

What is it:  

  • 16 person Cookery & Artisan School

What will it produce:

  • Courses in every speciality of cooking

  • Courses in wellness & other artisan technique


  • 2 full time, 2 part time



  • Lessons in all types of cooking. Lessons from specialist artisans in multiple mediums

  • Advocating & embracing green initiatives for a better future

Business Snapshot



Purpose built with everything you could need

Applegarth will offer a broad range of courses, from specialist areas of food production to to drink-led events and other non-food based classes. To achieve this will require a great deal of new infrastructure in order to deliver:

From the Food Hall:

  • Artisan bread making

  • Charcuterie Production

  • Butchery & Knife skills

  • wine courses both day long and full RIBA qualifications

  • Cheese production

  • Foraging including collaboration with the growing school


From the Restaurant:

  • Beginners courses- from how to boil an egg to preparation for university/chalet season

  • Artisan bread making,

  • Intermediate courses- sauces and roux preparation, 30 minute meals, cake production etc

  • Advanced courses- Patisserie,  dinner party meals  etc


From Partner Restaurants:

  • Specialist international cuisines- European, Asian, Fusion etc.

Beyond Food:

  • Candle Making

  • Wine & Gin Tastings and Events

  • Beekeeping and Honey - How to make Mead

Image by Annie Spratt
Making Dough
Smile with Wine



Chefs Table

The Chef’s Table at Applegarth will be an exhilarating gastronomic experience in the heart of their Cookery School. 

Transforming by night, into an intimate private dining table and entertaining space, guests will be treated to front-row seats as they watch the most incredible culinary experts at work. With a mix of resident & award-winning guest chefs ready to delight and divulge the secrets of the kitchen, guests can look forward to a once in a lifetime, one-of-a-kind experience amongst friends. 

The event begins at the initial booking, with a dedicated events team on hand to orchestrate the perfect experience. This is dining with a sense of drama – and Applegarth will make sure every detail is fully rehearsed and note perfect.

Furthermore, The Chef's Table will introduce a plethora of experimental types of food to the restaurant to create a truly unique  offering. Love coming to Applegarth but fancy some Sushi, so book the sushi chef to produce you a stunning meal. Can't find anywhere in the area producing authentic Indonesian food, you will shortly!

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