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If you like what you see, we'd greatly appreciate your support.

The Planning Applications for our Main Site & Eco Pods site are both live on the East Hampshire District Council websites. All of the 1200 pages of  various reports can be seen and downloaded from the council website. The plans are highly symbiotic of each other and the economic site will be greatly impacted without the ability for people to stay, learn and relax. 


Within the Council website there is the ability to leave a 'comment' which will be counted against the application. These are incredibly important  in showcasing public opinion- your help goes a long way in realising our plans. It will take no more than 10 mins of your time. The comments are private to you and personal details will never be disclosed. 

Clicking on the buttons below will take you to the two separate comments pages for each of the applications.

As much as we have provided a considerable amount of positive benefit on this website,  the following might be of use:

Main Site - Key Benefits

  • Employment generation- our application will triple the amount of local people gaining employment.

  • Providing the locality with a location people can enjoy locally sourced and produced foods helping many small artisan producers. 

  • Education at every level, providing courses in horticulture, cooking and other artisan skills. 

  • Enjoyment for every generation, a location where people can come meet, dwell and enjoy each other's company

  • Exceptionally sustainable design with 51% energy usage gained from renewable sources within the site. 

  • Ground breaking horticultural production, eliminating food miles and providing nutritionally dense, fresh foods for both retail and eat in

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Eco Pods -  Key Benefits

  • Carbon neutral design providing sustainable accommodation to people wanting to visit the main site or stay locally. 300 trees to be planted making the site almost invisible from the outside. 

  • Eco-tourism provides health and social benefits to people wanting to reconnect with their family. Access to open space in a high quality design.

  • Direct and deep symbiosis to the second planning application due to the numerous different educational elements on offer.

  • People need to be able to stay for many of the courses & lessons on offer. 
    There is a local deficit for high quality accommodation. The financial benefits to the local businesses and tourist attractions, people visiting will spend money when visiting other local entities. 

  • Wellness will be at the heart of why people will visit, classes in multiple different techniques such as yoga, wim hoff cold therapy and the benefits of horticulture to peoples mental wellbeing. 

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Thank you for your help, it is greatly appreciated!

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