Planning permission

We have been working on these plans for over 5 years and are mindful that they are being submitted at an extraordinary time. Both in the current pandemic that is ravaging this country and brexit which has yet to properly show it's effect. We feel strongly that this application will be a positive impact on the local community, both in providing local employment and a place of enjoyment for many different generations Albeit we are submitting two applications, they are both key to the success of what we are looking to provide.

The reports that we have had produced for our plans have shown minimal impact on the locality. Applegarth is already a vibrant busy location and employs 20 people from the surrounding area. It has the potential to provide so much more, both in terms of employment, education and entertainment. The very essence of what we are trying to achieve is low key in its impact on the local environment. We are looking to


Highways, car parking, deliveries


We have accomodated for 123 car parking spaces throughout the site. This is spread evenly throughout the facility so as to make for easy access from the different elements. Some cars will stay for prolonged periods, for horticulture lessons  for example. 

Applegarth regularly parks 70 cars at peak times in the restaurant & farmshop as it is. We do not foresee that the new parking will be regularly full, it is there to accomodate for events that might occur like farmers markets or craft fares. 


Other than the occasional delivery of horticultural products for the greenhouse, we do not foresee that deliveries will be much different from the current operation. Most deliveries to Applegarth are done in small transit van type vehicles with the occassional van with a tail lift. As we are not changing the model we have, this will not change. We will also be curtailing delivery times to within trading hours of any large vehicles. 

Highways traffic

41,200 people ate at Applegarth in 2019 with the vast majority having driven to the site. This does not include people to the deli or other business visits. The new restaurant is only about 30% larger in terms of seats. 

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The site design & environmental impact

Ecology & the environment

All of the reports produced for this application have shown that there will be a minimal impact on the local ecology. Our bat, reptile and endangered species studies have found nothing of interest.

The intention is to only remove 1 tree and plant an additional  70 in the economic site & 150 in the eco-pods site. The land itself has not been farmed properly for 20 years, infact it is rare, within East Hants & Surrey that land is put back to horticultural use. Our intent is to hugely increase the ecological value of the land with  our own bee hives, wild flower meadow, top fruit orchard & raised beds of heritage and heirloom produce.

Energy & heating for the site will be provided by a combination between a wood pellet boiler and solar PV. We are also looking to install a sealed, biomass digester to break down and utilise waste produced both within the businesses and the garden. The digester produces compost from otherwise waste material, which in turn is used to feed the horticultural practices, producing  food for the site. 


Local impact

Local business impact

Applegarth has always strived to help the local community in anyway it can and this will only increase with a larger facility to do so. We are main sponsors for 3 central Grayshott organisations, one for over 15 years. We have put on events enjoyed by thousands and continue to strive to innovate in what we do. We have no intent in building something that will impact the locality negatively. Quite the opposite in fact, we feel that creating a groundbreaking site will help in many ways.

The increase in employment opportunities in multiple different fields will include apprenticeships and qualifications. Applegarth has provided dozens of employees with the ability to take NVQ exams and gain a qualification while working for us. This will only increase under the new business, we feel strongly in assisting  employees in reaching their potential



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